Kim Collins

The Website

Welcome to my website where you will find all things maps, geography, GIS and random musings. While you're here, check this:
subreddit dedicated to maps not including Iceland.
Spoiler alert: There is a different subreddit for maps without New Zealand.

About Me

Hello, world! I grew up on Alaska’s southcentral coast in the small fishing town of Cordova. Growing up I would spend the summers with my family on our commercial pink salmon seine boat. I attended college at the University of Alaska Fairbanks where I received a B.A. in Earth Science as well as a Spanish minor. After graduating I continued seining in the summers and started to travel in the winters. I enjoyed seeing the sights in South America and working on my Spanish skills.

I wanted to pursue my passion for Geographic Information Systems and realized quite quickly that I would need more than my B.A. degree to get there, so I completed a GIS master certificate program at Portland State University in Portland, Oregon. I created this website to showcase some of my work, hope you enjoy!

My Interests

My Favorite Global Projection

Robinson global projection

To Resume and Work Samples

Links to some great maps and data sources

1. The National Map

2. Portland RLIS Frequently updated GIS data for Portland, OR, USA

3. Alaska Geospatial Clearinghouse Oh web mercator

4. USGS Earth Explorer Great source for public remote sensing data.