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Hello, world! I grew up in the coastal town of Cordova, Alaska. I spent the summers with my family on our commercial pink salmon seine boat, pictured here for lack of a current head shot. I received a B.A. degree in Earth Science from the University of Alaska Fairbanks, Go Nanooks!

I completed a GIS master certificate program at Portland State University in 2018 to pursue my passion for geographic sciences and technology. I created this website to showcase some of my work, hope you enjoy!


Samples of my coursework from PSU.

Network Analysis for a grocery delivery company. Reference: Julia Niiro, Local MilkRun, julia@localmilkrun.com

Sample Route Location Allocation Service Area Polygons

Site suitability analysis for an energy company. Reference: Alex Hagmuller, AquaHarmonics, alex.hagmuller@aquaharmonics.com

Study Area Sample Results

Digital Terrain Analysis of Cascadia Subduction Earthquake and possible effects on Portland, OR

Abstract and Slides

Data collection and cartography for 2 3x4 ft poster maps 2 National Forests. Reference: David Banis, PSU Geography Department, dbanis@psu.edu

Cartography Legend


Some things I've done!

Year Title Where
Jan 2018-Current GIS Intern Maul Foster Alongi/Flo Analytics

2018 GIS Master's Certificate Portland State University

2017 Certified Marine Safety Instructor AMSEA

2005-2009 Degree in Earth Science University of Alaska Fairbanks

2005-Current Commercial fishing Cordova, Alaska

Skills and Other Notes

ArcGIS software suite including ArcPro and AGOnline


Publisher on Open Street Maps via volunteer effort on MissingMaps.org, check out my profile

GPS for data collection/navigation

Contribution to published article